Home Service Center - Incompetent appliance repairmen


On April 18, a repairman from Home Service Center came to my house as an “authorized” Samsung repair technician (service order #4118802765). He successfully replaced a broken/defective pump on the left side of the dishwasher, ran a cycle to my satisfaction and left. I did not know at the time, that during the dishwasher cycle, water was running down the wall of my basement.

That night, I turned the dishwasher on and water began to leak out of the bottom and right hand side of the under cabinet where the dishwasher is installed. I mopped my kitchen floor several times and then turned the water line to my kitchen sink and dishwasher off. I called my own plumber whom I trust and have used for 15 years.

When my plumber examined the dishwasher, he found that the main water supply line to the dishwasher was “missing an O-ring and not reconnected properly.” That is why water was leaking.

I would like to be reimbursed for the cost of my plumber’s work -- $272. I am not asking you to pay to replace the drywall in my basement, or clean and mop the basement. I do expect you to correct work that was improperly done by Home Service Center.

You may ask, why did I not call you to correct the water leak? Because I have no confidence that a HSC technician could do so. Every repair they have done at my home has been completed wrong. This is actually the SECOND time I have had to call my own plumber, after an HSC “authorized” technician repaired my dishwasher. The first time, the dishwasher’s drain into the garbage disposal was reconnected badly and had to be reconfigured and changed by my plumber.

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